Dedicated to Creating Quality Ice Cream Ingredients

Dedicated to Creating Quality Ice  Cream Ingredients

Dunkirk Flavors is a manufacturer of premium quality ingredients used in ice creams, baked goods, and confections. We carry a variety of products, from variegates to syrups, that are sure to improve the taste and aesthetics of your dish. Additionally, we also offer organic, non-gmo, no sugar added, vegan, gluten and dairy-free options, and Keto friendly too.

Our Story

The origins of our company can be traced back to 1932, when Gertrude and Bruce Ritenburg decided to make a batch of chocolate syrup. Pleased with what they made, they took the syrup to a local dairy and convinced the owner that their chocolate syrup was what he needed to make great chocolate milk.

The owner agreed, and the Ritenburgs began supplying the local dairy with their syrup. Afterward, they bought a boiler and a kettle, converted their garage into a production facility, and founded Nog, Inc.

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, the Ritenburgs and their son, Bruce Jr., started producing ice cream novelty coatings, variegates, and an egg nog drink base. The garage steadily expanded as they developed ties with regional dairies and ice cream manufacturers. They also expanded to serve the baking and candy-making industries as well. After more than 75 years, Nog became Dunkirk Flavors in 2010.


Innovating to Better Serve You

Today, we continue to sell a variety of ice cream and confectionery ingredients to many businesses. Our most popular variegate flavors are chocolate,  caramel, marshmallow, and strawberry. While these are still selling well, we recognize that people’s palettes are changing.

That’s why we offer the development, testing, and production of customized ingredients. Our clients can decide the flavor, texture, consistency, and color of the ingredient. These ingredients are made with premium raw ingredients to ensure their quality and taste.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Rosemary Banach

Owner and President

Rosemary is a nurse with a long career in the medical industry. She became the owner of Dunkirk Flavors when she bought the company at an auction, sight unseen. Rosemary loved ice cream and chocolates and believed in the power of local businesses being a force of good in small towns across America.

Her years of doing administrative tasks in the medical field became the source of key skills when she became a business owner. The long-term staff helped her segue into the food manufacturing industry. Together, they are rebuilding the company and growing it to reflect the high level of quality that it was originally founded on.

Rosemary is married to David Banach, a dentist (endodontist) and a retired Navy captain of 30 years. They’ve been blessed with three children (who became her taste testers). The couple now sees traveling as a symbiotic affair with trips going to dental meetings or food industry conventions.

Bob Habich

Bob Habich

Director of Operations, Research and Development, and Quality Control

Bob is a long-time employee and an instrumental part in the successful implementation of our Food Safety Program through the British Retail Consortium. His career in the food industry began in 1974 when he started working at the Kraft plant in Dunkirk, where he worked in their Laboratory wearing many hats.

When the plant moved its operations elsewhere in 1986, Bob was recruited to work at Dunkirk Flavors and has been with us ever since. He has enthusiastically expanded our R&D, enabling the company to develop new flavors and innovations.

He resides in his native town of Dunkirk with his wife, Carol, and their children. When he's not at work or home, Bob can be found at the golf course, watching the Yankees, or traveling the US. He is the consummate Yankees fan so come to him for all your Yankees trivia and ice cream ingredient needs.

Meet the Rest of Our Team


Bryce Cortright

Joined our team in: 2014
Born in: Dunkirk, NY 1989
Family: Happily married to his beautiful wife Allie, and has one child “Betty”, the white Eskimo dog
Favorite Football Team: Buffalo Bills
Favorite Baseball Team: New York Yankees
Favorite Hockey Team: Buffalo Sabres
Music Genre: Country and Rock
Hobbies when not making ingredients: Fishing, Kayaking, and golf
Favorite Flavor I make: Cookies 'n' Cream Milk Base
What I like about working at Dunkirk Flavors: It’s fun to come to work and it is something new every day!
Previous Life: Before seeing the light that manufacturing was way more fun, Bryce worked on the other side of the aisle in food retail. Since joining our team he’s never looked back.


Mike Robertson

Joined our team in: 2013
Born in: Hamburg, NY 1985
Family: Happily married to his beautiful wife Ashley with 3 very active children
Favorite Football Team: Cincinnati Bengals –we love him anyways and try to convert him
Favorite Baseball Team: New York Yankees
Music Genre: Hard Rock
Hobbies when not making ingredients: Fishing, Hunting, and Golf
Favorite Flavor : Anything we make with fruit in it
What I like about working at Dunkirk Flavors: The schedule is flexible to accommodate our crazy schedules and I like the people.
Previous Life: Mike worked a short while in the aviation industry and then saw the light and worked in a cookie manufacturing plant. It was good fortune for Dunkirk Flavors that the company was sold and closed because Mike moved seamlessly over to be a part of our team.

Our Taste Testers









David-San Diego


Connect With Us

For any questions about our selection of ingredients and products, feel free to contact our staff today. They are more than happy to be of assistance.