Make Delicious Desserts With Quality Ingredients

Make Delicious Desserts  With Quality Ingredients

Dunkirk Flavors offers a selection of baking and confectionery supplies that will help you create exceptional pastries, cakes, and other baked goods. We develop and manufacture our products in-house to ensure we only provide our clients with premium ingredients that elevate your dishes.

Excellent Materials Made Into Amazing Products

Most of our items are made to order, so you’ll get the freshest ingredients to use in your baking. Whether it's fillings or frostings, we use quality raw materials that are organic and GMO-free. We also offer customized ingredients that are tailor-made for your specific use case. You can provide our team with your formula, and we’ll adjust our ingredients to suit your needs.


Bakery and Confectionary

  • Chocolate Drizzle

  • Frosting

  • Raspberry Filling

  • Strawberry Filling

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